8 Reasons Why Not to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

8 Reasons Why Not to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

You have taken the plunge with that new business idea / concept (congrats!) and you are looking at the next step - marketing. Maybe you know a digital marketer who will become a new employee, bringing your business to life. Or maybe, you don’t know anyone, and you Google ‘digital marketing agency’ to look for a company you can trust to create and launch your marketing strategy. But is that really the best choice for you and your business right now?

We’ve compiled some reasons as to why a digital marketing agency might not be the best idea.

It's not scalable

Many digital marketing agencies push their product on its merits of scalability - and of course hiring a marketing agency may actually seem like a way of quickly scaling your business. To some extent it is, but the truth is that businesses don't scale with marketing agencies - agencies quite simply launch your product or service into the digital hemisphere.

You're probably wondering at this point, "what the hell are you talking about?". Well, imagine this; you hire a marketing agency, they create a marketing strategy for you, it goes pretty well, and for 3-6 months your business is running great. Sounds amazing right? Not exactly...

Look at the current COVID-19 climate, where businesses are dropping like flies, what’s to say that the marketing agency you hired isn’t the next to drop? What do you do? Your whole marketing strategy is out the window, whether it is PPC, social media or funnels - the marketing strategy was never yours in the first place and you never built it, so how do you expect to continue running it?

You'll never own the strategy

When an agency develops a strategy for you, it may share the strategy with you but they'll never actually tell you how it's done. That's how they make their money. You don’t see the processes behind the strategy - you’re only shown and told what they want you to know - you see the progress and you (hopefully) see the benefits.

It's a bloated cost, for no real need

The cost involved is normally bloated for no other reason than to benefit the agency. It's simple, agencies charge to build and manage, once they have built something, they simply just manage it.

What does this mean? It means you're paying a monthly fee for marketing management. We've known agencies to charge 10's of thousands of dollars on management fees alone.

Why? Simply because they can. They know they can get away with it when they're generating you X amount of revenue because that looks pretty in your eyes. This is where you learn to depend on them.

You'll never completely understand your own business

Most important of all, you'll never understand your business. I'm pretty sure that when you created your business it's because you wanted full control and hiring a marketing agency may have just led you to lose that.

You'll never own the team/employees

Love the team you're working with? Do Bob, Jim and Amy fit everything you have been looking for and more? Well, the issue is they're not your staff, and although in the future there's a possibility that they could be headhunted, it's more likely that they can't.

If they can on the other hand, you'll be paying a premium as it's not a move they would have originally intended to take. So, the issue is straight forward, the staff which are keeping your business afloat, are not your staff.

It's overkill for the majority of startups & business owners

"We have our own agency working on this" sounds pretty cool. Until you realise you could have done what they're doing yourself. We're in 2020 and the truth is that most things are plug and play.

There are so many SAAS companies out there offering affordable solutions whether it's ads, search engine optimization, social media marketing and even content. The best part is, they're even pretty fun to use for some. It normally goes something like this; sign-up for this, connect this and add a few pieces of specific information and you're ready to go.

Marketing is honestly simpler than you think

We touched on this above, under "It's overkill for the majority of business owners." It’s really a lot simpler than you think because when you created your business plan, you knew who your target audience were and you had ideas on how to turn them into clients and customers.

Marketing honestly isn't complicated these days, there's so many tools, apps and widgets put there to get you started and to avoid any heavy overheads, you should be exploring these options first.

You could have your own team

As I mentioned, expect to spend thousands, if not tens of thousands on a marketing agency. If you don’t want to spend that kind of figure, you could build your own internal team or even a larger remote team from the likes of Upwork and Fiverr. Thanks to COVID-19, #workingfromhome has become the norm. Many people have more time to devote to that side hustle or business idea, and the growth in available digital marketers on sites like Upwork have grown over this time period - your new remote team could be amongst them.

What is the alternative to hiring a marketing agency?

You could hire your own marketing consultant - Sounds expensive right? Well, Consultily offers on-demand marketing consultants for just $195 per month, broken down that's as little as $6 per day.

Just in case you didn’t already know, the role of a digital marketing consultant is to monitor, review and vision both the growth and how to grow your business online. Remember, these consultants don't have the strain of all of your normal day to day business activities, they have a clear mindset, experience and a head full of extensive marketing knowledge which could be the vital key to your business' growth that you have been hoping for.

Give Consultily a try

Consultily has been built to solve all of the above issues, whilst simultaneously saving you a tonne of money. We connect skilled and experienced marketing consultants with companies who want access to flexible and on-demand talent to solve their critical marketing bottlenecks.

Want to learn more? You can schedule a free discovery call, read a few of our testimonials or start your 15-day free trial today.

If this message resonates with you, please do spread the word with start-ups, established businesses and entrepreneurs. Friends don't let friends use Marketing Agencies.


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